Software and Data


I’ve worked with dozens of different B2B software solutions, platforms, and tools across a wide variety of sectors. Throughout my consulting and sales career I’ve developed understanding of how software is designed, structured, and delivered, allowing me to provide my clients with the right solutions for their business needs. The offerings include:


  • US Census
  • NRCS Soil Survey
  • NHD Hydrography
  • Digital Elevation Models (DEM)
  • Climate and Weather Data
  • Texas Rail Road Commission
  • Texas Water Development Board
  • Texas Commission on Environmental Quality
  • GaBi LCA- Agriculture
  • GaBi LCA- Building & construction
  • GaBi LCA- Chemicals & materials
  • GaBi LCA- Consumer goods
  • GaBi LCA- Education
  • GaBi LCA- Electronics & ICT
  • GaBi LCA- Energy & utilities
  • GaBi LCA- Food & beverage
  • GaBi LCA- Healthcare & life sciences
  • GaBi LCA- Industrial products
  • GaBi LCA- Metals & mining
  • GaBi LCA- Plastics
  • GaBi LCA- Retail
  • GaBi LCA- Service sector
  • GaBi LCA- Textiles

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