I have a wide range of experience in startup, SaaS, and enterprise software sales environments, focused on B2B applications. I believe sales has a unique function within B2B software, as it can propel the company and product forward by increasing revenue and capturing critical client feedback. I’ve seen numerous companies transform themselves with the help of a sales leader and talented technical sales team. I can help you develop a winning sales strategy, process, plan, and team to ensure your company captures maximum market share and increases your potential valuation.

Startup Sales– Looking to break into a new market while bootstrapping your product? I’ve helped startups expand their footprint in target sectors while steering the product strategy to meet gaps and demands of these new territories.

Enterprise Sales– Working with a technical, specialized product that’s complex to sell and implement? I’ve worked on numerous enterprise deals and implementation projects that involved extensive scoping, integrations, migrations, including numerous stakeholders and approvals. I can also help you make your product enterprise ready.

SaaS Sales– Trying to fix a unique but seemingly complicated business problem with your SaaS offering? I can learn the issue, industry, and solution quickly so we can capture market share and bolster Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR).


Sales & Corporate Development

  • Sales strategy and process
  • Lead generation
  • Marketing
  • Presentation, pitch deck, demo
  • Closing processes and strategies

Sales Operations and Management

  • Recruiting
  • Commission plans, including incentives and accelerators
  • Hiring
  • Territory planning

Give me a shout and I’d be happy to:

  • Send you my enterprise or SaaS software buying guide
  • Review your Go-To-Market strategy (startup)
  • Rate or score your sales process/strategy
  • Discuss any other ideas, challenges, or opportunities you may have

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