About Me

My goals are simple, straightforward, and apply to every aspect of my career:

  • Understand the industry I’m focused on and the specific business challenges the sector faces, historically, presently, and in the future
  • Utilize knowledge of these challenges to build and develop solutions through technology and automation
  • Deliver these solutions to my clients, helping them save time, money, and resources
  • Help drive the company or organization I’m working with towards profitability and success

What separates me from the rest

  • Through various roles, I’ve developed a unique blend of experience:
    • Strategy consulting: Through a structured, proven methodology, I understand how to build winning corporate strategies that solve problems and position companies for success. This includes companies I’ve worked for, and companies I’ve worked with (clients)
    • Management consulting: Having designed multiple corporate management systems under the ISO 14001 guidelines, I understand people (roles), processes (business), and tools (technology/software) and how to make them all work together
    • Technical consulting and sales: Through implementation consulting roles, I bring a deep understanding of how business software works, and how that translates to challenging business situations
    • Sales: I’ve planned, designed, built, and managed full cycles sales processes for enterprise and SaaS companies, in addition to executing sales from lead gen to demo to close
  • I take a strategic approach to sales, ensuring we are presenting our absolute best when it comes to our products, capabilities, and successes, all while making sure we touch every potential prospect in our addressable market
  • I take a strategic approach to software and data, helping our product team prioritize on the most important features to expand our footprint with our clients and market
  • I’ve worked with many different B2B software products
  • Most importantly, my specialty is turning challenging or failing situations around. I’ve been thrown into many different scenarios that required unique and creative abilities to find solutions and steer the project, client, or company forward.

What you’ll get working with me

  • Ability to understand both sides of the table, from the company and client perspective
  • Someone who will continually work with clients to enhance our product and in turn increase company revenue
  • Person with sharp instinct to avoid obstacles and hurdles in the sales and delivery process
  • Hunter mentality with a competitive, winning attitude
  • A co-worker that is social, aware, and collaborative
  • The most persistent person you’ll ever work with. Period